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– Enjoy the silence on a rebreather
– Have a longer time underwater
– Optimize your decompression
– Ideal to dive further in a cave

CCR – Close Circuit Rebreather Training – rEvo

With a rebreather you will have a much higher autonomy regarding the gas consumption. With only 2 or 3 liters tanks you can stay for hours in a cave or in the ocean. You will breath a warm and humid gas, which is very comfortable and you will not make bubbles. That means less percolation in the caves and less noise. The decompression is optimized at every moment of the dive as we dive with a fixed PPO2.

We provide you a very high standard of education in a perfect environment.

rEvo is one of the lightest backmount unit, it is simple and compact and has all the features of a safe and long range rebreather with shearwater electronic and two scrubbers. Being a hybrid rebreather, it makes it the ideal unit to evolve in a changing environment like the Cenote.

Training structure

Different courses are available based on the type of diluent:

  • Air diluent: Learning to dive on a CCR starts with an air diluent course. That course will help you getting to understand and manage the unit through some practical workshops, some theory sessions, some confined water and training the same exercices in the open water.
  • Trimix diluent:: The trimix levels will allow you to go deeper with your unit and to plan more complex profiles. You will see at that moment the real advantage of having a rebreather by being not limited by your CCR gas consumption.
  • Diluent Air / Helitrox

  • USD250/day
    • Duration: 6 days min.
    • Prerequ.: Adv. Nitrox
  • Norm. Trimix Diluent

  • USD250/day
    • Duration: 6 days min.
    • Diluent air certification on the unit
    • 50 logged hours minimum
  • rEvo cross-over

  • USD250/day
    • Duration: 4 days min.
    • Certified on an other CCR
    • 10 logged dives beyond initial CCR cert.
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