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– Cavern, Intro-to-Cave, Full-Cave, Stage & Tec cave diving courses
– Highly professional and multilingual cave instructors on staff
– Custom training programs


Our fully qualified IANTD and TDI Cave and Technical staff can help you move beyond recreational diving limits to explore the amazing cave and cavern systems that cover the region Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum. Training involves getting familiar with new equipment (either sidemount or backmounted twinset) and procedures, as well as gaining in-depth understanding of the overhead environment – ensuring safety, cave conservation and fun for your new diving adventures.

Training structure

a step-by-step approach

Diving in an overhead environment requires a solid foundational platform in terms of diving skills, as well as a good understanding of the specificities of the cavern and cave environment, in order to ensure both safety of the diver and conservation of the cave.

  • Cavern training: building foundational skill platform and learning guideline procedures in an overhead environment within the daylight zone
  • Intro-to-Cave training: moving beyond the daylight zone and practicing previously learned skills in a cave environment
  • Full-Cave training: complex navigation in extended cave systems with longer penetration
  • Stage and tech cave training: using additional tanks and mixes to explore advanced cave environments.
  • Basic training

  • USD250/day
    • Cavern diving certification
    • Intro-To-Cave diving certification
    • Rule of 1/6 gas management
    • Min. 6 days for both levels
    • TDI or IANTD certifications
  • Full training

  • USD250/day
    • Full-Cave diving certification
    • Rule of 1/3 gas management
    • 6 days min.
    • Requires basic training first
    • TDI or IANTD certifications
  • Advanced training

  • USD250/day
    • Stage cave or tech cave certification
    • Either multiple stage or decompression
    • 5 days min.
    • Requires full training first
    • TDI or IANTD certifications
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