Intro to Cave Diver TDI/IANTD course with Planet Scuba Mexico, Riviera Maya, Yucatan

Tec & IANTD/TDI Intro to Cave Course in the Cenotes

The TDI Introductory Cave Course takes a serious look at the skills needed to conduct safe and enjoyable cave dives.

During the cave course your TDI Instructor will teach you the proper techniques for diving in a cave environment while staying on the main line.

This course brings you closer to your goal “Full Cave Diver“ and guides you to places where not many divers have been before! With Planet Scuba Mexico you will visit a number of different Cenotes during your course to give you close look at Mexico's stunning cave and cenotes dive sites.

Tec & IANTD/TDI Intro to Cave Course - Skills and outline

Your TDI Intro Cave Instructor will cover topics and skills such as

  • Limits based on no decompression
  • Equipment configuration and preparation
  • Body posture and trim
  • Propulsion techniques
  • Cave conservation
  • Proper guideline procedures
  • S drills
  • Hand and light signals

The TDI Overhead Environment manual will outline the procedures for conducting cavern dives and is a great addition to your diving library.

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Intro to Cave Diver Course - 3 days    $ 750 USD  Book now!
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