Diving with Bull Sharks in Mexico between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, with Planet Scuba Mexico

Diving with Bull Sharks with Planet Scuba Mexico

The Riviera Maya offers great diving and favorable water temperatures between 24°C – 30°C (75°F – 86°F) with highest temperatures peaking in July & August. The coolest months are December to March. With the change in season our divers can see different marine life.

The winter months offer a very spectacular sighting: Caribbean Bull Skarks can be spotted cruising the reefs with dropping water temperatures. We at Planet Scuba Mexico do not feed the sharks as we disagree with human interference in the sharks’ natural behavior. Instead, our experienced instructors and guides show you these magnificent animals in their natural environment.

Just off the main beach of Playa del Carmen, Caribbean Bull Sharks are cruising the sandy bottom at a depth between 18-30 meters.

This one tank dive lasts for about 45 minutes, depending on your air consumption and decompression limits. After a comprehensive pre-dive briefing about the day’s current conditions and a reminder of the Do’s and Don’ts, we enter the water with a back roll into approximately 18 meters / 60ft of water and head down to the site while drifting with the gentle current. The bottom is flat, sandy, without a reef, and gently slopes down towards what is known as the “el Cantil”. This is the trench between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. When bull sharks are sighted right at the beginning, we position ourselves facing the current and kneeing on the ground in a semi circle. If sharks are not seen straight away, our instructor may decide to take you to a different location a bit deeper to have a better chance to see the bulls.

If you are a vivid photographer, this is your place to be! With 60-80 feet of visibility, it’s very easy to get a nice, clear shot of the sharks and they pass by as close as just 10ft away!

Our bull shark dives are limited to only 6 divers per guide to ensure a safe and exciting experience to our divers.


- min. 50 logged dives

- certified to at least Advanced Open Water Diver

- at least 2 dives with Planet Scuba Mexico prior to this tour


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