Planet Scuba Mexico is a professional dive center specialized in cavern diving, cave diving and Cenotes diving in Mexico's world famous Cenotes (cenoten). As a hub for the international cavern and cave diving community, we are based in Puerto Aventuras, between Playa del Carmen in the north and Tulum in the south. Welcome cave explorers!  Click here to read more about our cavern diving offers... Plus, check out our wreck diving site in Puerto Morelos! 


Cavern & Cave Diving Trips
to our Cenotes

Recreational Dive Training
in our Cenotes & Ocean

Cave & Technical Training
in Yucatan`s Cenotes

Book your dive trip with us! We'll create a custom package based around your specific wants to give you the best experience possible while visiting the Riviera Maya and Puerto Aventuras. Before your first cenoten dive we make sure that your buoyancy, breathing and basic diving skills are up to date to ensure a safe and great time. Learn to dive with us or expand on your current knowledge with one of our recreational scuba diving courses!

As a Professional Dive Center in Puerto Aventuras, we can even help you to become a dive professional.

Our fully qualified TDI Cave and Technical staff can help you to move beyond recreational diving limits to explore the amazing cave and cavern systems that cover the region Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum or learn to dive deeper than recreational limits!
Cave and Cavern Scuba Diving in the Cenotes with Planet Scuba Mexico Technical (Tec) and Recreational Scuba Diving courses in the Cenotes with Planet Scuba Mexico Planet Scuba Mexico: your exclusive specialist for Tec Diving Training in Mexico, advanced cave and sidemount diving levels